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colored Sketch Chibis
Silver bells by DarkStarling716  The Three Cuties by DarkStarling716 Floating Teddy Bear by DarkStarling716  each character added will be 10.. Also water color is out of the queastion cause, i want have time to do water color...
Paper drawings (non colored)
Monster in a Jar by DarkStarling716  Daddy, Hug Me by DarkStarling716    each character added 5 points.. 
Pixel Art Chibis
The Little Murderer by DarkStarling716 OMG So Cute by DarkStarling716   Each character added will be 20 points each
My Style Chibis
I Wanna Hug!!! by DarkStarling716 Silver's Jack-o-Lantern by DarkStarling716 Sonic Boom Chibi by DarkStarling716  More than one character will be 5 points each, anything else added will have to be discussed.. 
Real Animal Chibis
Sonic's Hat by DarkStarling716  More than one character will be 25 more points added to each character added.
Chibis Elements
Star Sonic by DarkStarling716  No background and slightly diffent than a normal chibis I do.. More than one character will be 10 points added.. 


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
I'm a artist, of course, like making my own stories, and learning how old cartoons and video games were/are made. Love Sports, mainly baseball.
I like Poke'mon. Love listening to music. Just love animals. And like to make new friends.. Self teaching artist, people say I have a God given talent, i really don't think so, "Any one can draw, they just have to pratice, pratice makes perfect." I a christian, I believe Jesus died for everyone in this world.

Live LA or Louisiana. (WARNING~ DON'T MESS WITH A RAGIN CAJAN!) Visit Dallas,Texas almost every few months, its almost a secound home for me...

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Silver Stamp by FaezzaListening to the Rain by savagebinnNever... by prosaix
WUT Stamp by Drake1I Report... by yumi-honamaruMy Respect by i-stamp I Love The Night by TheLoveTrain I love Storms by i-stamp Cherry Blossoms - stamp by NeverRegretMe Silver Stamp by Chronic-Shadow Ask Away Stamp by LightningChaos2010Save The Chili Dogs! by Chronic-ShadowChilidog by PikachuFanzChibi shadow by Midowkolol silver animation XD by Rilakkuma-kunStooges Stamp by milquestLost In The Darkness Stamp by Rococokara


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Count the stars with me. by xxghost250xx

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FMA: Just a sec, let me grab my coat by Kaze-yoGreed by Roojii Alphonse Elric Love - $tamp by melisnirvana The-FMA-Villains icon by Iloveyoukisshu:thumb197365198:FMA GIF by Iloveyoukisshu FMA GIF 2 by Iloveyoukisshu

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Looks so cute!

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Kool things made for me.
Cute Couple by DarkStarling716 Sarah and Shadow Couple Stamp by Sonar15 [CP] DarkStarling716 by XxAngel-LockdownxX AT: .:She came from Heaven:. by XxFluffySaucexX .:: Art Trade with DarkStarling716::. by XxNeonPurplexXGift::Buddy and Sarah stamp by Sonar15Gift::Comforting A Friend Through The Darkness by Sonar15:COM: Out for a Walk by HammerheadTurner[CONTEST PRIZE] Sarah Star by KnightNicoleAT with DarkStarling716 by 1023alexacatAT: DarkStarling716 by AM-Amnion-PM
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I went to the doctor friday, for my ADHD, and he asked queastions and he said i have agnozity depression. He said i was very good at not really thinking about suicide.. I think thats because of you guys, so thank you. Your saving my life. But he said he will get the help that i need. Thank God, I freakin need it for a long, long, LONG time now.. cant wait for 26.. I just wanna feel freakin alive again.. 

Also sorry for the delay in the Shadow the Hero comic, it was just a freakin nightmare last few days.. 

To lighten the mood for you, ill tell you guys about my world record i have going on.. For the last 2 years of school and this year I have had horrible science teachers. 1. they either cant get there act together and teach the class or their teaching skills come for Yoda and sound confusing, "learn from the Master you must.":shakeyoda:   Im trying stupid your going to fast!! Anyways I'll tell you their names that i and the people at school made up, or sound simliar to there real names. 

My 8th Grade teach Miss. Puff. :pufferfish: she was ocd and very unorganized and can never get her class under control!! She made me feel like Shadow and freakin almost yell CHOAS CONTROL!!! She made me so made one day cause she parented me up with someone who never did any work in class, and refused to do it, and i had a moment where i call him idiot. and she sent me out of class, i didnt mean it but it just came out.. Dont worry the guy is alright but he still makes failing grades.. also Miss Puff had a Puffer fish in her class room that made me think of this episode of Spongebob. Plus she wasnt married so i think thats her husband. XD

On to 9th Grade, this science teacher was a freakin giant butt hole and also called Jabba the Hutt for a reason. Me and my friend CountingMistakes where told that by or friend Colton an she didnt get it at first but I burst out laughing so hard it so funny. Then she looked it up it was priceless be one of my favorite memories of all time. Next to the one where me and my friends where trapped in a family bathroom in Baton Rouge mall during our Lousiana field trip in 8th grade.. Anyways Mrs. Jabba the Hut  was freakin mean to me she never liked me it seem, and she never notice me at homecoming when me and my friends where being checked on the list and she saw me. and when i got to school, guess what she said, " oh i didnt she you there." Yeah, you did i was infront of you.. anyways she freaking gone away, but if i ever go to my friends house im gonna have to see her cause she lives next door to her. ugh..

Last BUT not least, Mrs. Witch, :brew: I though she would have been as good as my 7th Grade teacher, but nope.. We had to upload our biology books on the computer and she confused the crap out of me, cause im not good at that and plus my computer is a mac. I asked her to help me out with this. she said yeah.. but that was two weeks ago and i kinda forgot. she tried giving us the info to set it up, but we were also doing a project in class on Thursday and thought i could color while we she was talking about it cause i was gonna bring my mac in anyways. She yelled at everyone so then i stopped next day she was clam in class then i had to skip launch to upload it, she yelled at me for doing the project in class yesturday and it made me wanna curl up and cry.. ugh, she so freakin mean!! good thing i was checking out cause i missed launch all together. she tried offering food, i turned it down cause she probable keeps her food with the frozen rats she feeds her pet snake Lucy, aka her husband calls it Lucifer, I dont blame him i never trust a snake no matter if she says its the friendly snake in the world.. Im not scared of them just dont want to get bite. Mrs. Witch always gives us a quiz every day and hardly any time to study for a quiz. OH!!! I hate her so freaking bad, i wanna get a bucket of water on her  Also she freakin sounds like that she yells like she ADHD, she so.. ugh, and sometimes other laugh at her like what she does is funny.. its not anymore.. Cause haters gonna hate, and she hates me. 

Anyways thank u for listening, you guys are all so great, and hope you like this journal.. 

Look forward next time instead of back! 

(new slogan like it?) 
  • Mood: Humor
  • Listening to: Jabba the Hut XD

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